Friday, September 24, 2010

Marines? YES!

So far I have posted Eldar stuff. Well, now my gaming ADD has flared up. I've picked up the marines again. Chapter: Iron Hands. Really, this is a painting blog, and black and silver are not too impressive. Unlike the Eldar, which have somewhat more color, these marines are pretty bland. I don't mind that, I like painting them so far and am quite happy with the results. The difference is I don't see these being as striking as the others. Above is a venerable dread.

Here is a Captain in TDA. The method behind the black, which I admit I am still figuring out, is simple. Prime Black, highlight edges with dark grey, then go back over that selectively with a lighter grey. Final touches in white and you are done.

Both this and the Ven Dread have servo skulls. While I don't plan on every model having them, I wanted a couple to be poking around. The Ven Dread's are just for effect, this one represents the Captain's Iron Halo. I wanted the skulls to be laboratory cleaned, not typical wargame-bone. I painted them bone first (GW Bleached Bone) Then White and BB, then I covered all of that with a very thin layer of a light blue and grey mix. Next a Devlan Mud wash. Finally another thin layer or two of white.

The captain here has Lightning claws, power weapons, but I left them metallic. Not sure why, they just felt right that way. I applied a blue wash to them to give them a silvery sheen.

I don't necessarily like the red wax seals on the scrolls, I thought about glossy black for a less traditional look, but the scheme is so colorless, I left them. The scrolls are super easy, BB from above, 2 thin coats, Devlan Mud x2, quick dry brush of 50/50 white and BB.

Last is a WIP Sgt with Power sword and plasma pistol. Again, still working out the black armor kinks and all of these are awaiting some decal transfers so they are technically not done, even if the painting is. Also, another head on shot of the dread.